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XPS COLLECTORS CC (CK2008/100152/23)
Mr. C.R. de Wet
Mr. Z.E. Fulani
Mrs. E.C. Reveley

Registered with the Council for Debt Collectors – Registration no. 0039576/09
Subscriber to the National Credit Bureau – TransUnion


Registered Office: Office B3, Court Chambers, 623 Govan Mbeki Avenue,
North End, Port Elizabeth, 6001. Tel: 041-484 4669.

E-mail addresses for all branches: &

Mr. Zolani Enoch Fulani has worked as a guard for 1 year and for 3 years as a control room operator at different private security companies and has obtained a Grade B Certificate, as well as a Small Business Management Certificate, currently furthering his studies for National Diploma of Security Management. During June 2008 he became a managing member of a Security Company; AMAKHALIPHA SECURITY cc and has assisted us with tracing & debt recovery for the past 11 years. Currently Mr. Fulani is the site manager of a well known security

XPS Collectors specializes in the recovery of debt, tracing, forensic investigations, asset verification, occupant verifications, adverse listing (default and removal), secure recovery and/or upliftment/selling of assets. We mainly cover the entire Eastern Cape, including rural areas and upon request attend to National, as well as mid Africa. We have been serving on ECDC’s panel for the past 12 years, as well as assisting attorney firms and many other private companies & individuals. Our success thus far has been largely as a result of our method of contact/tracing and collection. We do make use of sms, WhatsApp, e-mail and telephone calls, etc. however use this mainly after one of our tracers visited the debtor.
Whilst vising a debtor, our Tracer hands over a Letter of Final Demand (Sec. 129 Notice) and consult with the consumer, discuss the current and outstanding handed over amount, attend to obtaining signature of an Acknowledgement of Debt, thereafter using various collection payment methods such as:
• Conclude a monthly payment agreement and/or
• Once off settlement agreement
• Arrange with debtor for a stop order
In cases where a consumer is non-cooperative, 20 Days’ Notice (listing letter) is served whereby in the event of non-payment within the notice period, we proceed to Adverse list the debtor on the National Credit Bureau’s data base.
In some cases, whereby a debtor is untraceable, XPS Collectors verifies the mortality status and able to confirm date of death (in the event debtor is deceased) including obtain of the death certificate, if required and attend to various online trace searches to obtain information as well as physical tracing in the areas in order to obtain information and/or whereabouts of an untraceable debtor and follow up on all leads. XPS Collectors will make all efforts and endeavor in trying to trace and collect. Furthermore, as a successful tool, XPS attends to the Adverse Listing of the untraceable debtor/s in cases of which the debt is more than 90 days overdue as in terms of the National Credit Act.
Once a consumer has settled in full, we will proceed to attend to the de-listing/removal on the National Credit Bureau’s date base as well as provide the consumer with a settlement confirmation letter.
Reports on each matter is provided including our recommendations and advices, likelihood of recovery and confirmation of settlements as and where applicable. The report will further contain the latest available updated information of the consumer including all relevant requested information as per accordance to the detailed scope of work, as well as photographs of the positive address/es. A copy of the search results will be available on request.

We wish to thank you for the opportunity and interest shown. In the event that you require any additional information, you are welcome to contact our offices or alternatively:

Mr. Chris de Wet directly on 083 724 3895.