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We collect your outstanding debt on a no-collect-no-fee basis. This means you will not be liable to pay for ANY costs if money is not recovered. Our fees are simply a fixed percentage on any money collected from your debtor. We are experienced in recovering debt in respect of loans, rentals, municipal services, school fees, trade accounts, etc.


Are you sure you are not paying a salary to individuals whom are not working for your organisation (“ghost workers”)? We can conduct an audit to confirm your payroll corresponds with your employees in the workplace.


If you are struggling to resolve any dispute in your organisation and want to avoid legal fees you can call us to mediate and resolve the dispute by negotiation. If you are a member of a business with multiple decision makers such as Primary Cooperative or Close Corporation and you have an unresolved matter, you can call us to assist.


We perform tracing of debtors and/or any individuals as well as businesses including tracing required as witness in any commercial and/or other related matter. We also perform physical tracing and we have access to various tracing methods which we do not want to reveal for privacy reasons, and this can be discussed on case-by-case basis.


Do you really know who is occupying your premises? Is your tenant really the occupier? If you want to make sure and verify you can contact us for a certified occupation verification on any of your properties.


If you have debt which is partly secured by Notarial Bonds, it may be a good idea to verify the assets registered in terms of the Bonds periodically. We will perform a complete audit and asset verification on an audit sample basis or list provided to us by you.
Do you require confirmation whether an individual or entity owns any immovable assets and/or vehicle/s? We can assist and provide a detailed report of assets owned.


We are also extensively experienced and have performed numerous forensic investigations related to various transactions for instance loans granted. The investigations are mainly to determine the facts and make necessary internal adjustment to avoid reoccurrence.